It’s Nice That Talk


The Director, Will Hudson from ‘It’s Nice That’ came to talk to Worcester University students during Worcester Week in 2013, about his creative journey from graduation to where he is today. It was really interesting to hear how he has made the most of his peer networks from University (working in partnership with friend from his University course, who he set up It’s Nice That with) and how he has shaped his own skills and expertise to opportunities and demands from clients.

Will is really passionate about connecting It’s Nice That with current students and recent graduates, so make sure to keep an eye on what they’re doing and how you can network and contribute to it.

It’s Nice That is a publishing platform founded in 2007 to champion creativity across the art and design world, including graphic design, illustration, photography, art, digital design, furniture and product design, fashion and advertising.

The poster was designed by CDME BA Graduate (2014) Sam Carter:

Guest Lecture by Will Hudson, Director of It's Nice That


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