GUIDE: digital portfolio & online identity


GUIDE: 10 critical pieces of your online identity

In planning and designing your digital portfolios, there are a number of considerations you will need to make and respond to in your learning journals, including

  • What is the identity you want to create? – A student blog, an individual creative person, a group or company?
  • Who is it for – who is your ideal audience?
  • Who else is doing this well in your creative industry?
  • What is the most appropriate way of presenting your work?
  • Your voice – do you write formally or informally, as reflections or directly to your audience?
  • How often will you post and update your ‘blog’?
  • Will you include images, video, notes, texts, links to other sites or inspiration, your CV?
  • How will you introduce yourself – in your ‘about me’? Include an photo, design, interview?

There is some great advice and examples on critical pieces of your online identity here from Creative Bloq here:


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