ONLINE LECTURE: Standing out from the crowd


This weeks lecture for Professional Practice (CDME3030 module) at the University of Worcester is presented as an Online Lecture here on the module blog.

Students are able to view or download this as a PowerPoint or PDF from the links below or from Blackboard. Or click through the slideshow – although this will not take you to the various online video links embedded in the PDF and Powerpoint.

All students are asked to make a comment, question or share more links in the ‘comments’ box below.

ALSO: All students need to send the module leader the link to their Digital Portfolios, to be able to receive feedback via email.





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  1. A great resource for learning new techniques, understanding the work ethics and even creating your portfolio is It is a subscription-based website but I have had it for many month and love learning lots of different techniques within my area and even understanding how to approach clients. It is just an overall great resource if you want to enhance your skills within your creative job. They give you a 7-day trial if you want to have a go, with thousands of “lessons” to learn from.

  2. Some examples of creative portfolios that I found – i liked this one particularly for the layout which reflected well in his web designs. – I thought that this one helped show the whimsical side of the artist and I like how her social media links were integrated into the websites design – I particularly liked how this one kept the same design throughout and then fluidly changed depending on which link you clicked on. – I liked the way tha this one was essentially a giant slide show as it displayed the artists work well, however I wish there was a bit more description and information about the artist and their work. – I really liked how this site displayed all their different works on the one page and when you expand them there i lots of information about each project without cluttering the page up. – I like this one just couse I thought it highlted good site design. The layout is pleasing, yet simple, and all of the works and information is well grouped in different sections so you can choose what you look at and in what order.


  3. I enjoyed the clip from Steve Johnson on where good ideas come from:
    ‘borrow and combine hunches = creativity and innovativity’

  4. I found very usefull information on the presentation, esspecially “The ideal Candidate” subject. I also want to share with you a great speech of Andew Kramer. He is a motion graphic designer (my favortie). In that video he shared a lot of great information. Even is more for motion graphic designers, there are a lot of helpful infromation which helps for any categories of digital design!

  5. Thank you Will, Claire, India and Ionut for your useful notes and links. is a really lively interesting site for learning from other creative professionals and sharing your own skills too.

    This and Ionut’s link to an online lecture by Andrew Kramer on YouTube, are great examples of the way we research and learn in contemporary society – from online talks, workshops and guides. I particularly like this one too from Portland graphic designer Aaron Draplin: AND the TED Talks are always pretty impressive too:

    I’m pleased to see Claire also being critical of some of the digital portfolio’s she’s come across in her research – it is as useful to reflect on what you don’t feel works well as well as what works well when taking inspiration from others portfolios online.

    All of you on CDME will have so much diverse research between you, its great to share this with each other and add these links to this blog.

    Look forward to other student comments building on here too…

    Thank you, Rebecca

  6. jnnfrkt

    I really enjoyed the video by Steven Johnson. I love the way it has been set out and think some of the things he says are really true and really connect to me as a design. What particularly stood out to me was the fact that we are being distracted through the use of media, but these distractions are actually helping us to connect to target audiences and share ideas without even realising what we are doing. I really like the fact he has shown things that could be really negative in such a positive way. is a website which really has helped me when it came to designing my online portfolio. It has the ability to enter both projects and a page for yourself, and gives you the ability to show the most important things in your own order. I think this website is really good when it comes to online portfolios as it is free and popular with other creatives, giving you a chance to gain feedback and work.
    I’ve used this a lot when creating my online portfolio as it has really helped me to understand and realise what I need to add to my page and what is not so important.

    Ill pop all the tasks in my learning journal/folder but I think this lecture has actually been really helpful to help show the different ways you can help yourself stand out as a designer.
    Thanks, Jennifer

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