Search Engine Optimisation

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While you are developing your digital portfolio, it is useful to think about the following advice. A great article on 10 top tips to get to the top of Google search engine, read the full article here.

1. Learn & Implement Marketing Basics

Answer (at least) these questions:

  • What is your expertise?
  • What is your differentiation?
  • Why should users care?
  • Which users (age, locations, interests etc.) should care?
  • What is the message and / or media that is going to connect with them?
  • Who is your likely competition?
  • Why should Google rank you higher than your competition?

    2. How to Structure Your Site

    3. Build a Digital Footprint

    4. Design for Multiple Screens

    5. Conduct Keyword Query Research

    6. Write Just Enough Content

    7. Tag Your Content (Standard, Social, Schema)

    8. Don’t Over-Optimize

    9. Optimize the User Experience

    10. Keep Link Building Practices Natural


    3 Bonus Tips

    11. Build a Brand

    12. Use Authorship to Build Your Personal Brand (Authority)

    13. Be Social

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