MEET: Samir Patel

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Samir Patel is a freelance filmmaker, currently based in the UK.

After working in creative agencies and as a freelancer, in 2005 he founded his own creative business Reformer Films

Reformer Films use a talented network of filmmakers, cinematographers, strategists, creative directors, editors and animators who all share a passion for telling stories. They help marketers, CEO’s, and design teams transform how they engage online. 

He feels that when freelancing in the creative industry you need to be flexible in the work you do, as every day can be different:

“It depends on the project, whether I’m on a shoot, editing, or in the planning stages. It could involve anything from sitting all day and writing scripts and storyboards, to jumping on a plane with a crew and equipment.”

This year he completed an MA in Film at Staffordshire University In partnership with Raindance Postgraduate Program and continues to develop Reformer Films.

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