GUIDE: Freelance Career


Being a freelancer means you are self-employed, undertaking specific jobs or contracts for clients. You account for yourself by taking full responsibility for every job you do.

This means balancing the creative aspect with the paperwork, finances and receiving no benefits like holiday or sick pay. With careful planning, research and discipline, you can carve a successful career from being a freelancer.


There is a lot of advice available online and from key texts in the Library, so do your research and it will put you in good stead for the steps to setting up a freelance career.

Creative and Cultural Skills website have a section on Creative Careers. Here there is a lot of advice on freelancing, including this article on Advice for a Freelance Career :

1. Your lifestyle as a freelancer
2. The importance of networking
3. Taking care of paperwork
4. Finding a creative workspace
5. Making a success of your freelance career

Other useful advice can be found here:

How to Make Your Creativity Pay

Advice on Freelancing Rights

Finance for Freelancers

Turn Yourself into a Company


IMAGE: Pete Mosely, Make Your Creativity Pay. 

This creative business book is aimed at anyone wanting to start or develop their own small business based on the things they make and do.

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