MEET: Katie Carson

So unlike the other ‘MEET…’ creative people posts i’ve added to this blog so far, Katie Carson is a relatively unknown maker. She is a 17 year old filmmaker from Belfast, who was interviewed and showcased in last weeks BBC The Arts Show Introduces, which focussed on young filmmakers in Northern Ireland. She, along with 8 others, were selected from submissions to the show.

She made her short film using basic filming and editing equipment and a budget of £20. By uploading to Vimeo and sending this to the BBC’s open call for submissions her film was noticed and has gained a lot of attention overnight. This is a great example of how to make the most of minimal technology, materials, locations, contacts and networks.

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You can watch it on vimeo HERE or on the BBC HERE.

My short film is set in Belfast, focusing on the musings of a teenage girl, Briar, who has been reunited with her wonderful old bike following her arrival back home. Briar decides to cycle around Belfast recollecting past events in her life, sharing many of her thoughts and past experiences which are all told through voiceover. Flashback interruptions occur visually telling us her memories. The audience is left with the final image of Briar speeding down Stormont Hill.” Katie Carson, Vimeo profile.


You can watch the interview and other examples on the BBC The Art Show Introduces, on iPlayer until 24th December:

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