Digital Portfolio: A one-page screen shot image of your blog / web home page. The URL website address of your digital portfolio must be clear. Please also ensure that the module leader has your blog URL and permission to read the blog if it is private. Please note that you are not permitted to make any updates or changes to your digital portfolio during the assessment period, until you receive your grade.

Learning Journal: An organised physical folder OR PDF document that collects and organises all research and written materials, this should be organised professionally, using the Learning Journal guidelines and checklist, here

Learning Report: A 1500-word written analytical report. Word or PDF document. Please list your student number, not your name at the top of this document. All references should be Harvard referenced. References are not included in the word count.

note: If you are submitting your Learning Journal and report in a physical folder to the module leader, please note you will also need to upload your Learning Report to SOLE.

DEADLINE: THURSDAY 15th January, 3.00pm via SOLE.
(any learning journals presented in a physical folder can be submitted to the Assignments room in Bredon Building.